The Philippines has more than 7,000 islands, and one of the “must-go” for travelers and tourists is Palawan. One of the many reasons is that this province has some of the world’s greatest beaches. Travel magazine will show you the ones from world class resorts like Sheridan Beach Resort or El Nido Resort Pangulasian Island, but places like this are too well known, pricey and exclusive. So here are the top 10 remote and yet most beautiful and best beaches in Palawan.

1. Lumambong Beach (San Vicente)

First up on the list is Lumambong Beach, located in the Northern part of San Vicente. I don’t know why people missed such beautiful beach! It stretches over 1.5 km with breathtaking clear water and white sand that will definitely blow you away. What’s amazing in this place is the untouched layers of palm trees and coconut groves that lines the shore, bringing such a tropical jungle-like scenery.

The closest airport is San Vicente Airport, only 45 minutes away. This place is like a hidden gem of gems. The merely untouched beach shore really fascinates me, and that is why it is number one on my list. If you are planning to have an awesome beach getaway, Lumambong Beach can be a great place to go. As of yet there aren’t any accommodations there, but Binga Beach is opening with upscale beach glamping bungalows in mid-2019.

Lumambong Beach, San Vicente

Lumambong Beach

2. Duli Beach (El Nido)

Next on my list is Duli Beach. Located 25 km above El Nido town in the Barangay Bucana, this beach is also one of its kind… It stretches over 2 km with lovely clear blue waters glowing through its white sand ocean floor. The unique part of the beach is the rocky parts on the side, a great spot for “Instagramable” photos and great memories to capture on your camera. Duli Beach is also known as the best spot for riding waves around El Nido. If you’re a surfer, that’s yet another reason to check this beautiful beach!

Duly Beach, El Nido

Duli Beach © Tuderna / CC BY 3.0

3. Port Barton (San Vicente)

Next up on this list is the beach of Port Barton, a small village about 3 hours north of Puerto Princesa, Palawan. What I love is that it’s one of the most wonderful places to just lay down and watch a beautiful sunset over a serene breeze of the ocean. The untouched beach is really the best starting point for diving and snorkeling adventures. You can also easily find a tour organizer and go on an island hopping tour. Are you the type of traveler who appreciates rural, relaxed breezy atmosphere? Then, Port Barton is definitely for you.

Port Barton, San Vicente

Port Barton © Heikki CC BY 3.0

4. Long Beach (San Vicente)

The next one is touted to be the next “Boracay”. Long Beach in San Vicente, which was declared a Flagship Tourism Enterprise Zone (Flagship TEZ). The best thing becomes obvious from its name “Long” Beach… it stretches over 14.7 km with clear blue waters on a white sand ocean floor. This place is just a boat ride away from Port Barton, and it is starting to attract more tourists and even real estate, with hotel developers eyeing on such a beautiful location. Most accommodations in San Vicente are located in the town center for now, just a 15-minute motorcycle ride from the beach. But chances are that pretty soon this place will be like Boracay. That’s why you should visit it now, while it’s still so raw and wild!

Long Beach, in San Vicente

Long Beach © Jimaggro / CC BY-SA 4.0

5. Las Cabanas Beach (El Nido)

Next on the map is Marimegmeg Beach, also know as Las Cabanas – from the name of the resort nearby. Las Cabanas is the closest beach to El Nido, just about a 15-minutes drive from town. It’s the perfect place to do a few rounds of volleyball and frisbee, read a book, or just drink a cold beer and watch the sunset on the beach. If you’re a thrill-seeker, you may want to try the zipline that lands on the little island in front of the beach. You can get to Las Cabanas Beach from El Nido town or Corong Corong. Tricycles come and park on the way leading to the beach all day long. And with the building of the new Vanilla Beach hotel and commercial area, Marimegmeg Beach is due to become even more popular in the years to come.

Las Cabanas Beach, El Nido

Marimegmeg Beach (Las Cabanas) © Tuderna / CC BY 3.0

6. Nacpan Beach (El Nido)

This is certainly one of the most famous beach in Palawan: Nacpan Beach, with its twin sister Calitang Beach. Located just 45 minutes away from El Nido, this is a must-see spot for tourists staying in town for at least a couple of days. There are many ways to get there. You can rent a scooter or a motorbike, hire a tricycle, a private van or use the Nacpan Beach shuttle service. Beyond the two beautiful beaches facing a private island owned by the legendary boxer Manny Pacquiao, you’ll find a few bars and snacks where you can relax while enjoying the view, the sun and the soft breeze from the sea. I have one word to describe it: stunning.

Nacpan Beach & Calitang Beaches, El Nido

Nacpan Beach

7. Linapacan Island (Linapacan)

Why should you go to Linapacan Island? Here’s why: Linapacan area is famous for having some of the clearest waters to swim in the world. So clear that you can see the full image of your feet through the water. This place is the best for snorkeling, underwater photography and diving. One way you can get to this beautiful island from Coron is with a boat ride to San Miguel. Another one is to go with the expeditions cruising between El Nido and Coron. One of the must see place in this island is Eli Cave, a great cave formed into rigid walls and limestone pillars. The beauty of this place and its numerous beaches will enchant you, guaranteed.

Linapacan Island, Palawan

Beach in Linapacan

8. Ditaytayan Island (Culion)

This one is not just a beautiful beach… Ditaytayan Island has one of the most splendid sandbar in Palawan. This jewel is located in Culion and you can discover it by yourself either with a day tour organized from Coron or with the expeditions going between Coron and El Nido. This is an absolute must-see in this part of Palawan and something you’ll be grateful to witness with your own eyes. Ditaytayan also offers an excellent snorkelling spot, as the corals and sea life are protected from the currents by the shape of the sandbar. Two great reasons for nature lovers to discover this very remote but very remarkable place in Palawan!

Ditaytayan Island, Culion

Ditaytayan Island © bigheadgregdrone

9. Ariara Island (Linapacan)

Do you love private island retreat? If so, then you will most probably enjoy Ariara Island. This Maldives-style island is just amazing. Touted as “Asia’s most exclusive luxury holiday retreat”, it spans on 125 acres of tropical paradise and has a 600m white sand beach. The accommodation feels like a luxury hotel, yet on the outside it looks like Jungle Villa-inspired Houses. Along with relaxing and enjoying the scenery, one of the best thing to do on this private island is scuba diving, to explore the virgin reefs around and WW2 shipwrecks.

Ariara Island, Linapacan

Ariara Island © gymger80

10. Maosonon Island (Linapacan)

Lastly is Maosonon Island, a privately-owned island stretching over 45 hectares, with 500 meters of white sand ocean bed surrounded by a water that some called the “cleanest water in the world”. The island is really raw: there’s no electricity, just a little nipa cottage to stay in. But the night sky will definitely blow you away because of the stars that glistens in the reflection of the shallow waters, especially when the moon is at its prime. You can get there from Sibaltan and hire some private boat for a whole day of island hopping adventure.

Maosonon Island, Linapacan

Maosonon Island © gregormurray

So, that wraps it up for some of the most remote and most beautiful beaches in Palawan. There are still so many islands and beaches yet to be discovered or rediscovered here. Places like this are meant to be experienced and to make memories that we will surely treasure for a lifetime.

Author’s Bio

Aladin Legaspi is a travel enthusiast and a globetrotting backpacker. Once he joined Binga Beach Brothers Inc., he has been exploring unique travel destinations in the Philippines. His motto is “Adventure begins at the end of the roads you know”.