Check out all the tours and activities available in Port Barton and get ready for snorkeling, swimming and island hopping adventures! Focusing on reefs, marine life and tropical islands, Port Barton tours are sure to leave you with lasting memories. In this article, we’ll review some of the best thing to do while you’re in this remote and beautiful part of Palawan.

Island Hopping Tours in Port Barton

Until recently, local Port Barton organizers operated without associations. As a result, each of them offered tours with different names and including different destinations. This changed when the tour operators decided to harmonize their service offerings.

There are now 5 main tours in Port Barton, called Tour A, Tour BTour CTour D and Tour E. Prices have also been regulated and all these tours are available for the same price (P1,200 per person at the time of writing). These circuits are also available as private tours for a slightly higher price.

But beyond the similar names and offerings, the destinations included in each tour vary slightly depending on each organizer. Each tour includes 5 to 7 spots. Among them, 3 or 4 will be common to all and 2 to 3 will depend on each company. This is quite different from the tours in El Nido for example, but it is also quite cool, and closer to the tours offered in Coron, which can be very different from one organizer to another.

Destinations in Port Barton tours include reefs, turtle sanctuaries and tropical islands. Some of the most popular are Paradise Island, Maxima Island, Fantastic Reef, Albaguen Island and Twin Reef. The diving and snorkeling aspect of these tours is even more pronounced. Port Barton is one of the best places to see sea turtles and by exploring Turtle Bay, you are almost guaranteed to see these peaceful and massive creatures.

Island Camping in Port Barton

Another activity you can combine with island hopping in Port Barton is island camping. In this case, you participate in one of the island hopping tours before spending the night on an nearby island. This is, by all accounts, quite awesome. Anyone who’s a bit of an adventurer (or at least a camper) should definitely enjoy it.

This overnight camping is usually done with tents, with a bonfire, barbecue and some activities organized by the tour guides. This activity allows you not only to save a night in a hotel, but above all to admire the starry sky. You’ll sleep far from any light pollution, in the middle of a stunning nature.

Again, you can decide to join a public tour or organize a tour just for your group. One of the organizers on Tikigo that offer this kind of tours is Tiu Boat Tours. Do not hesitate to follow the previous link and contact Isadora to ask her for advice. Organizing this kind of camping tours in Port Barton is her specialty!

Other Sea Activities in Port Barton

Unlike Coron for example, Port Barton is not especially known for its scuba diving spots. Nevertheless, the area has places that will make divers happy, whether it is to observe the reef or to meet the underwater fauna. The city hosts several diving centers with which you can explore the underwater world.

If you prefer to stay afloat, you can turn to kayaking. To rent one, simply head to the village’s waterfront, Port Barton Beach. Kayaks for rent are usually on display there, and all you have to do is ask the people who keep them. Note that it may be tempting to go wilderness camping, but that this activity is not allowed. To camp on the islands, it is necessary to do so in the company of a tourist guide, or risk a fine.

Inland Tours

Besides scuba diving, kayaking and other water activities, it is also possible to explore the land surrounding Port Barton. For example, you can access Pamuayan Waterfalls or Bigaho Falls by joining tour mixing island hopping and trekking. You can also get there by yourself to enjoy their cliff and pools on a sunny day. You can even find a guide to bring you there, even though this may not be necessary.

To reach these waterfalls, having a motorcycle is an interesting option. In general, being able to move around Port Barton and Palawan independently is often appreciated. If you plan to enter Palawan and leave from Puerto Princesa, you can rent a vehicle there. You can also get a car delivered to you in Port Barton for an extra fee (check out DVS Car & Motorbike Rentals for example). Whether it’s a car or a motorcycle, this allows you to explore the island on your own and be free to move around.

Explore More With Tikigo

With Tikigo, you can connect directly with local organizers and get the most relevant information and best prices. Whether it’s tours, activities, car rentals or public transportation, you’ll find what you need to organize your trip. Start planning your Port Barton adventure today!