Palawan is one of the best islands to visit in the Philippines (… and in the world!). The scenic tourist spots are listed as the best places to spend your vacation. Since it’s the vacation of a lifetime, we know you’ve got it covered. We know you’ve got it all planned. Have you? Here are five convincing reasons why you must come see and visit Taytay.

1. Scenic tour destinations

It may be a cliché since you’re coming to Palawan. Every destination in the province is a must see but…

You can stay in Taytay for a few days and you’ll still be left with islands and places you haven’t seen yet. Taytay is vastly covered with beaches, mountains, and waterfalls. Each place you visit offers a different experience. You will remember the crystal blue beaches and fine white sand. Waterfalls hide inside the thick forest. Sunsets are always different in town. Purple and orange hues fill the sky as tiny mud crabs leave their burrows. You cannot miss such an occasion to bask under the fading sunlight. These places in Taytay are perfect for your travel blogs or vlogs. You don’t need to add filters on these photos. That’s what these places in Taytay look like in real life.

2. Tours are insanely cheap

Unlike other tourist spots in Palawan, tours in Taytay are very affordable. You can visit 4–5 islands for only P1,500-P1,700. All fees and tour meals included! Some tour agencies also include free motorbike rides for inland tours. Roam around town in these motorbikes and stop worrying about tricycle fares. Other tour agencies also have their bed and breakfast inns. You can book both rooms and tours in these hostels.

Accommodation in Taytay is also pretty cheap. You can choose to stay at room rentals in town or book rooms at a private island resort. Sometimes, you’re the only guest in these islands which makes it feel as if you’ve rented the whole island to yourself. Such a luxury for a very reasonable price!

3. Taytay is the perfect place to wind down

It is tempting to post your vacation photos online, yes. But Taytay is also the perfect place to disconnect yourself from these unnecessary distractions. After all, you went on vacation for yourself. Taytay’s scenic destinations will make you focus on the moment. The town will make you appreciate the little things you may have taken for granted. A small talk, a walk on the beach, and spending hours watching the waves or the sunset. In Taytay, the air is always fresh. The food is always fresh. You’ll get genuine smiles. These are things we need to remember. These are the moments when the most scenic views we see online become our reality.

4. Feast yourself in a luxury of seafood and fresh produce

Taytay is home to fresh seafood and agriculture produce. Some of the town’s marine and agriculture products are exported in nearby towns like El Nido, Coron, and Puerto Princesa. These food supplies also reach Metro Manila, while others are exported abroad.

If you’re looking for a seafood feast, you have come to the right place. You can enjoy an assortment of seafood, vegetables, and fruits every day. Rock lobsters, prawns, crabs, squid, and fish are always available in Taytay. Vegetables and fruits are also farm-fresh. If you like some meat, Taytay got you covered. Meat products are available in the market every day. Fresh, delicious food and scenic views are always the best travel combinations.

5. Taytay’s rich history and culture is something you cannot miss

Whenever we visit somewhere, we also come to places filled with stories of the past. Taytay was the first capital of Palawan. Alongside its rich biodiversity lies the town’s colorful history. Taytay’s was the favorite destination of oriental seafarers. Some of them became the early settlers of the town. Taytay’s locals traded with businessmen from China and Borneo and made the town flourish. Before the Spaniards came, well-known natives wore silk clothes and used fine ceramics, and decorated plates and bowls from China. When the Spaniards came in 1622, another era of Taytay’s history was born. The Fuerza Santa Isabel de la Paragua and the Santa Monica Parish were built by the locals. Both relics of the past stand up to this day and etched Taytay on the map of Palawan.

Each tourist destination in Taytay has local folklore you cannot miss. The islands, lakes, and mountains all have enchanting stories that must be told. You can only hear these oral pieces of literature when you visit Taytay.

Taytay is the best place to be if you’re looking for some laid-back adventure. It may not be much compared to El Nido and Coron but it will surely be a breathtaking adventure. You can start planning your adventures and visit in Taytay today with Tikigo. Get in touch with local tour organizers, and get ready for some fun in Palawan!