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Taytay, The Old Capital Of Palawan

Taytay played an important in Palawan’s history, as it used to be the province’s capital during most of the 19th century. There are several landmarks witnessing of this past, such as Fort Santa Isabel. It’s a first class municipality in the northeastern part of Palawan. Unexplored caves, waterfalls and beautiful islands are the best travel destinations here.

Island tour itineraries include exploring white sand beaches, swimming with sea turtles and coral “planting”. Swimming inside cave pools, scuba diving, trekking and waterfall tours are must-do activities for thrilling adventures. A heritage tour, lake fishing, dolphin watching, and overnight camping can also be enjoyed for some laid-back fun.

Taytay also offers secluded islands where you can spend your vacation peacefully. Private resorts will accommodate you in these islands. Reservations include boat transfers and full-board meals for a much cheaper price. The town itself has a rich seafood and agriculture supply. Visitors can spoil themselves in a lavish feast of fresh produce.

As the locals say, Taytay has the “comeback syndrome”. It’s the feeling of wanting to go back and to indulge more in the town’s beautiful colors. Once you’ve been here, you will always go back the always beautiful, always stunning – Taytay, Palawan.

Taytay’s Top Destinations

Discover The Hidden Gems And Splendor Of The Old Capital

Explore the surrounding nature from the small town of Taytay. Here you will find something for both nature and history lovers, for those who love water adventures and for those who prefer to stay on the ground. Discover now the most beautiful places of this magnificent area.

Elephant Island

Imbaludan Island

Fort Santa Isabel

Lake Manguao

Talakanen Island

Nabat Island

Kuyawyaw Falls

Debangan Island

Malampaya Sound

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