Malampaya Sound in Taytay

Malampaya Sound Protected Landscape and Seascape is one of the seven protected areas in Palawan. It is a narrow passage of water located between Taytay and San Vicente. Malampaya boasts amusing marine and terrestrial life.

The best activities in Malampaya include island hopping, diving and snorkeling, caving, dolphin watching, boat tours along mangrove forests, and mountain climbing. Dolphin watching is a must-experience tour. Two species of dolphins live here: the bottle-nosed and Irrawaddy Dolphins. Irrawaddy Dolphins are endemic in Palawan and can only be found in Malampaya. The tour starts as early as sunrise since this is the time that dolphin pods hunt food. The tour lasts for 2 hours, starting from a river cruise and gradually coming into the sea. After the activity, tourists can enjoy a healthy breakfast by the shores watching the scenic view of mangrove forests and lush green seagrass meadows.

Another activity tourists can enjoy in Malampaya is trekking Mt. Capoas, the only mountain with a 1000-meter peak in northern Palawan. Community trails and steep ascents are what tourists can expect during the hike. The breathtaking view of bays, hills, and islands wrapped around Malampaya’s crystal blue waters will welcome your eyes as you ascend to its peak. Some stunning waterfalls and coves allow tourists to relax before starting the descent.

Top Tours And Activities In Malampaya Sound

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