You’re excited about your Taytay trip, the peaceful and quiet town located in Northern Palawan. Looking at the calendar, you begin to pick dates for a well-deserved vacation. Then, a question pops: ‘Is this month the best time to visit Taytay?

During summer, tourists flock nearby destinations such as San Vicente, El Nido, and Coron. But Taytay, on the other hand, offers secluded white-sand beaches and exciting tours. Here, the island and inland destinations are never crowded. Knowing that, check our advices below to figure out the best time to come to Taytay.

What Time of the Year?

Like most tourist destinations in Palawan, Taytay is best visited during the dry season (from the onset of March until June). Calmer seas and sunny weather are mostly observed during these months. It makes travel from one island to another a lot easier. However, you can still visit Taytay during the wet season (July to December). The only difference is that you may then prefer visit Taytay’s inland destinations like Kuyawyaw Falls and Lake Manguao during these months.

Pasinggatan Festival

The best time to experience Taytay is during the celebration of its town fiesta. Pasinggatan Festival is celebrated from April 25 to May 4 every year. This showcases the heritage of Taytay. Activities during the town fiesta include street dancing competitions, motorcycle and boat races, and a food festival.

The main attraction during the festival is Saraotan sa Dalan, a street dancing competition featuring the diverse culture of Taytay’s 31 barangays. The performers are dressed in colorful outfits and accessories. Loud music from the pounding of drums fills the streets with a vibrant and festive mood. The performers dance heartily as they parade along the towns’ streets. The dances presented include the history of Taytay. Other dances’ inspirations are from the wildlife such as the swiftlets, prized for the famous birds’ nest soup.

Another highlight of Pasinggatan is Paguetekan, a gastronomic festival featuring Taytay’s best cuisines and local produce. Food stalls are built outside Taytay Fort. These stalls exclusively operate during the festival month. These stalls offer a mouthful variety of delicious treats. Food servings are also quite large for an ordinary eater. Menus also include group meals which you can buy at a very cheap price.

Nightlife in Taytay

Nightlife in Taytay is quite simple. Some local stores close as early as 7 PM. The town grows quiet the deeper the night goes. However, there are small bars where you can drink beer. You can also sing your heart out in karaoke. These bars operate until midnight. If you like more peaceful nights, you can stay outside the Taytay Fort for a few hours. You can join a good volleyball match with the locals. A stroll along the town’s port lets you watch the beautiful sunset.

If you’re looking for a place to unwind, Taytay is your best bet. You can bask in Taytay’s simplicity where locals live modest lives and get up before the sun rises. Chatter fills the streets as locals spend the day at work. At nighttime, they come home to their families. We all want a piece of that cake. Away from all the noise, pollution, and toxicity in this world. Taytay got you covered.