Taytay is a quiet town located 220km north of Puerto Princesa. The town is located between San Vicente and El Nido. Taytay’s strategic location makes it easily accessible. The town allows you to find available rides to reach your next tour destination effortlessly. But, before you plan your Taytay trip, you must know how to get there!

Traveling from other major cities to Puerto Princesa

Most tourists that visit Palawan land at the Puerto Princesa International Airport. The airport serves international flights from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea. Local flights include direct trips from Manila, Clark, Iloilo, Cebu, Busuanga, and Cuyo, Palawan. Airlines such as Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and AirAsia have daily flights to and from Puerto Princesa.

Land trip from Puerto Princesa

It takes about four to five hours to reach Taytay from Puerto Princesa. There’s a wide range of public utility vehicles (PUVs) in the city which you can ride to go there. You can ride commuter vans and buses that have hourly departures. You can also rent a car for more convenient trips.

The road from Puerto Princesa to Taytay is paved nicely. There are several stops along the way to eat or go to the toilet. Bus fares range from P300.00-P350.00/person while van fares are at about P400.00/person. Usually, buses have regular, airconditioned, and special bus services to accommodate you. Regular and airconditioned bus rides might take longer hours since some passengers are dropped off in some of the barangays and towns along the way. Special bus services have shorter travel times. These are point-to-point trips with only restaurant stops during the travel duration.

Land trip from El Nido

Taytay is only a two-hour bus ride from El Nido. Since these are neighboring municipalities, it is pretty easy to find a ride from El Nido to Taytay. Buses and commuter vans have hourly trips from El Nido to Puerto, and they also drop by Taytay to fetch more passengers. There’s also a lot of motorbike rental shops in El Nido which you can use to get to Taytay. Bus and van fares range from P150.00–P250.00 per person.

Land trip from San Vicente

Taytay is roughly 60 km from San Vicente. Usual land travel period range from an hour to one hour and a half. Commuter vans with regular trips to El Nido also stop by Taytay to pick up passengers. Since Taytay can be easily accessed between the two well-known tourist destinations, it is not hard to find a ride to Taytay. Van fares range from P200.00–P300.00 per person.

Going around Taytay

Getting around Taytay is also pretty cheap. Tricycles serve as local transport. Tricycle fare range from P10.00 to P30.00/person depending on your drop off point. You can also hire tricycles to go to some destinations within the town such as Fuerza de Santa Isabel, Santa Monica Parish, Saint Joseph the Worker Cathedral and Lake Manguao.

Tricycle Ride around Taytay, Palawan | Tikigo Tips
Photo credit: Sheila Dee © Creative Commons

Some locals operate motorbike rental shops that allow you to travel within the town. You can reach nearby inland destinations with ease. Some travel agencies also run their motorbike rental shops, while others include the motorbike rental in the tour packages for inland destinations.

Taytay is more than just another town you pass by. It’s a town where you can drop by when you’re going to other well-known destinations or returning to Puerto Princesa to catch your flight home.