Are you planning to travel to Bohol? If so, there are high chances you are searching for ways on how to get to Bohol. Well, Bohol is a beautiful island province in the Philippines, and it’s famous for its peculiar Chocolate Hills and lively coral reefs. What’s more, it is located in Central Visayas, which is around 400 miles from the country’s capital, Manila. Patches of the sea, a series of islands and canals separate the town from the capital city. Still, getting to Bohol is easy and quick, thanks to the Bohol-Panglao Airport.

Presently, Bohol is one of the Philippines‘ main tourist attractions, especially those who are into scuba diving. The island is exceptionally stunning and consists of sandy beaches with crystal clear water and coconut trees on the lush jungle and shore. Keep on reading to find out affordable and comfortable ways regarding how to get to Bohol.

Cheapest Way to Get to Bohol

While it is not substantially affordable compared to taking a bus or a plane, the ferry is the most affordable and thrilling way to get to Bohol. As a matter of fact, travelling with a ferry takes less time than traveling with a bus. Additionally, it is cheaper than taking a flight, especially during the peak tourist season. Remember that boarding a vehicle to the ferry will cost a few extra dollars.

Travelling By Ferry

The most remarkable way to reach Bohol is via the sea. Although this travel route takes some time compared to flights, you will experience a whole new type of adventure. Multiple ferries can bring you to the city from Camiguin, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Siquijor and Dumaguete. While some of these ferries offer daily trips from these cities to Bohol, others offer weekly trips.

Using a Ferry from Cebu

If you are in Cebu, using a fast craft is the quickest way to get to Bohol. Yes, you will get to your destination within two hours. On the other hand, using the lite ferry is cheaper than the fast craft, but you will take four hours to arrive.

Using a Ferry from Dumaguete

Travelling from Dumaguete to Bohol with a fast ferry takes two hours. There are limited ferry operators, but the available ones offer two trips per day. So, if you are travelling during the peak season, it’s advisable to book your tickets in advance.

Using a Ferry from Davao through Butuan or Cagayan de Oro

While there are no ferries that ply the Davao to Bohol route, you can opt to board a ferry from Davao to Cagayan de Oro Port or Nasipit Port in Butuan and then connect to Bohol. Based on the ferry you take, the journey from Butuan takes 5 to 7 hours. On the other hand, it will take five hours from Cagayan de Oro.

Using a Ferry from Siquijor

It’s easy for those of you in Siquijor to get there through the fast ferry. The trip takes roughly one and a half hours, but there are limited travel options.

Using a Ferry from Camiguin

Here, the ferry mainly transports cars across the sea. The available Super Shuttle provides one trip every day, and it takes precisely four hours.

Fastest Way to Get to Bohol

Before 2018, Bohol only hosted a single regional airport, the Tagbilaran Airport. As of now, the city has a bigger and better airport known as Bohol-Panglao Airport. The airport serves both international and domestic flights. There are more than five airlines that provide nonstop flights between the island and Manila, where Cebu Pacific is the most preferred airline. The flight takes an hour compared to the bus that takes 23 hours.

Travel via Flights

The Bohol-Panglao airport serves the entire province. It became operational in 2018, and in the process, replaced the outdated airport located in Tagbilaran City. Since it’s the first ‘Eco-friendly airport’ throughout the country, the Filipinos have nicknamed it the ‘Green Gateway to the World.’ The airport prides itself on having environmentally-friendly facilities and equipment.

At present, Bohol is only linked to domestic destinations. Therefore, if you are coming from other countries, you have to make a stopover at Mindanao or Luzon and then take a connecting flight.

Fly to Bohol from Mindanao or Luzon

Taking a flight is the most hassle-free, comfortable and convenient for getting to Bohol. If travelling from Luzon, you only have to take a direct flight to Bohol-Panglao Airport from the (NAIA) Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. It will take one and a half hours to get to the city. Additionally, a flight takes 1 hour and 15 minutes from Clack International Airport to Bohol-Panglao airport.

If coming from Mindanao, you can take a direct flight from the Davao International Airport to Bohol city. Another option to fly to this great city is to opt for the airlines that operate in Cebu city and then take a fast craft.

Flying from Other Countries

As said earlier, the local airport is only linked to domestic travels. So, you have to fly to NAIA airport in Manila first. Well, this airport is connected to multiple international destinations in Europe, North America, Oceania, Middle East, Southeast and North-East Asia. You can then fly to Bohol from this airport.

A Memorable Way to Get to Bohol

Travelling Via Bus

The last option is that you can use the bus route. One disadvantage about this option is that it entails ferry rides and transfers. In the end, you will have a 23-hour ride that costs more than ferrying or flying. Still, it is advantageous because you will make some stops at fabulous Philippine scenic sites along the way.