Travel Tips About Culion, Palawan

Discover our best articles about the region of Culion, in Palawan, Philippines. This remote area is known for both its breathtaking beauty and its rich history. Culion was once a stronghold, then a leper colony, before becoming a heavenly place to visit on expeditions between El Nido and Coron.

Located in the northern tip of Palawan, Culion is still quite difficult to access. Except for a few isolated luxury resorts, it does not have a well-developed tourist infrastructure. For this reason, it is wise to prepare your trip to this amazing and remote place.

With that in mind, our travel tips will help you plan the best trip in the area and the surrounding islands. What is the best way to get there, and what to do once you’re here? Discover it today and get ready for your next adventure!


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