We took a trip from Hanoi to the Philippines some time ago. Out of all the places we went to, our days in El Nido were a joy for the eyes thanks to the beautiful landscapes that this idyllic place offers. But they were also a joy for the taste buds because El Nido has many incredible places where you can taste the local and international gastronomy.

Above all, the city center of El Nido has a very good variety of restaurants, with options for all tastes and for all pockets. The area of Corong Corong Beach and Las Cabañas also has plenty of options.

Without a doubt we recommend a dinner of fresh fish, cooked right in front of you on the grill, quite common in the Philippines, a delight! There are many places to eat in El Nido. Here are the details of all the restaurants we tried, we hope you like them.

1. Happiness Beach Bar (Rizal Street, El Nido Town)

Beautiful and nice place located in the center of El Nido, they have a good vegetarian and vegan menu, we liked everything we asked for and the service was great. Its swings at the bar make it unmistakable. Payment in cash.

2. Osaka Castle El Nido (Rizal Street,El Nido Town)

We had a craving for Japanese food, and to our surprise a restaurant we saw every day when we passed by on the bike, had good reviews on TripAdvisor. It is at the entrance of the village, is an area shared with other restaurants. They have a huge sign almost on the street. We had a wonderful dinner, the sushi prepared in an exquisite way. Cash only.

3. Art Cafe El Nido (Rizal Street,El Nido Town)

The Art Café is a very famous restaurant in the center of El Nido, apart from being a restaurant they are also an agency and manage flights, van transfers and tours. They also make some delicious fruit smoothies and have a very good WIFI connection. They accept cash and credit cards.

4. Jarace Grill (Good Luck Street,The Nest Town)

On the seafront, with the tables on the sand itself, the Jarace Grill offers an incredible BBQ every night. You choose the meat and fish to barbecue and pay by weight. We ordered several things to try and everything was delicious. They also have an indoor dining room, but if it’s a good night, I recommend eating on the sand, it’s a real treat! They accept cash and credit cards.

5. Rooftop (Hama Street,The Nest Town)

A nice little place to have cocktails or natural juices with an incredible atmosphere. It was recommended by some friends who had just passed through El Nido, the ground floor is a clothing store, and up the stairs you can access the bar on the first floor. Starting in the afternoon, there is music and a very good atmosphere.

6. V and V Bagel (Vanilla Beach)

Those of you who are coffee drinkers and travel in Asia know that it is not easy to find a good espresso. We are very fond of good coffee and we always look for coffee shops where they have real espresso machines. And that is how we arrived at the V and V Bagel. A small cafe where you can have a good Illy coffee and a piece of homemade cake, all handmade! The place used to be in Calle Hama and is now relocated in Vanilla Beach. It stays one of the best places to eat in El Nido nonetheless.

7. Midtown Bakery El Nido (Rizal Street,El Nido Town)

The first day we passed by its door with our motorbike, we were overwhelmed by a delicious smell of sweets and we saw how the locals were queuing up to buy the delicacies they bake in this bakery. After tasting the hot buns for the first time, it became a regular ritual. We would buy the freshly made buns and go in search of a good coffee to accompany them. The banana cake is also delicious, the best I have ever eaten! The scones cost between 10-20 php.

8. The Beach shack (Playa de las Cabañas,El Nido)

Located on the beach of Las Cabañas with a privileged view, is this place where you can have a drink while you listen to good music while lying on a pouf. You can have some fresh fruit juices while lying in the sun, enjoying the views. They also serve meals although we did not eat anything, we know that some nights they have good parties with DJ included!

9. Republica Sunset Bar (El Nido-Pancol Rd)

Located on the beach of Corong Corong, this bar has spectacular views and is always full. Go there early if you want to have a good place to sit with beautiful view. After enjoying the sunset, we couldn’t help but have some Spanish tapas accompanied by some fresh San Miguel beers. Everything was livened up with Spanish reggaeton music, which filled us with nostalgia.

10. Cuna Hotel Restaurant (Osmeña Street)

To close this top 10 of the best places to eat in El Nido, one restaurant that is quite amazing both for its food, its service and the view it offers on the Bacuit Bay. On the rooftop of the Cuna Hotel, you’ll find a very nice restaurant to enjoy a romantic dinner. The beautiful picture illustrating this article was taken from this very restaurant.

We will have to go back to the Philippines, won’t we? And that’s it, we hope you liked the post and above all that it will help you as a future traveler!

About The Author:
Sam is a travel blogger, writer & photographer who runs Ultimate Vietnam, where he shares his travel experiences, tips and recommendations to help and inspire other people to get out there and discover Vietnam.