Guess what’s not included in travel guides? Funds. Money is essential whenever you travel. It keeps the whole trip going. Some tourists feel more comfortable with paperless transactions. Carry a card, swipe, and you’re good to go. Some use e-payments. However, this is not entirely applicable when coming to Palawan. This article hopes to share tips on how to plan your vacation without worrying about where to find ATMs in Taytay.

Taytay is a distant place. It is a first-class municipality, yes. However, its public utilities are limited. The town is about 204.5-km away or 4-5 hours of land travel from Puerto Princesa. Banks and money remittance centers are not always online. We highly advise you to bring cash with you when coming here.

Withdrawing money in Puerto Princesa

Just landed? Withdraw money while you’re in Puerto Princesa. Stopping by for meals before the land trip? Find nearby ATMs while you’re here. Taytay might be a side trip from your El Nido or San Vicente escapade. These places are a bit expensive and your cash on hand may be gone after a day or two. If you’re coming to Taytay, prepare a good amount of cash. You’ll never know what awaits you in here.

Puerto Princesa City has a good number of banks and ATMs that can accommodate you. Most of these are located at Rizal Avenue, the main commercial district in the city. These banks accept most international cards such as those with MasterCard and Visa logos. Local banks may charge $4-$5 per transaction and the daily withdrawal limit is P20,000.00. You can also exchange foreign currency at money changers or on the banks in the city.

Click here or on the map below to see bank locations in Puerto Princesa:

Bank locations in Puerto Princesa, Palawan | Tikigo Tips

If you brought cash from your home country and want to find money changers, click here.

How to withdraw if you’re already in Taytay…

All establishments in Taytay only accept cash payments. Thankfully, there are two banks in town. The first one is the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP). The ATM is located outside the DBP branch in Taytay. Security guards are also assigned here 24/7 so it’s a safe place to withdraw.

The DBP ATM is open 24/7 and accepts Visa cards. International and local cardholders may withdraw up to P20,000.00 per day. A $4 transaction charge will be deducted from international accounts. Local non-DBP ATM cardholders will be deducted with P15.00 transaction charge. You can also exchange US dollars to pesos here.

The other bank in Taytay is the First Consolidated Bank (FCB). It is located near the Taytay Fort. International and local cardholders may not be able to use the ATM at the bank. However, FCB has fund transfer services. The bank caters to local and international money remittances. Tourists can also avail of foreign exchange services here. Minimal transaction charges may also apply.

In case the ATMs in Taytay are offline…

In case both ATMs in Taytay are offline, don’t worry, there’s still a back-up plan. You can withdraw money at the Palawan Pawnshop branches in Taytay. A minimal transaction charge of P30.00 – P40.00 will be deducted from your account. Money order is also available in Taytay via Western Union, or other international money remittance services.

Planning is important when you travel. It’s not only about the places you’re going, it’s also about making sure your funds are enough. When coming to remote places like Taytay, consider the length of your stay. It is highly recommended to withdraw money while you’re still in the city. Thankfully, there are some options if your cash ran out while you’re here. Make sure to enjoy your vacation with fewer worries and more happy memories.

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