When we travel, we want our trips to be as hassle-free as possible. We want our vacation to be the most memorable moments of our lives. This is why we explore tour booking websites online. We try to find which schedules fit and what places to visit. Some of us have ideal destinations in mind. Others look for exquisite places to explore online.

While you’re still at it, here are a few reasons why you should book your tours with Tikigo:

1. Tikigo caters available tours in Palawan and the Philippines

It is 2020 and Palawan remains the top tourist destination worldwide. With Tikigo, you don’t have to switch between websites to find the best island tours. Everything about Palawan is here. Details about the famed island destinations are carefully elaborated here at Tikigo. You don’t have to go through all the stress only to find the same tours across websites. We also share a few bits of what to expect in your dream destination. You’ll be on your way well informed and well prepared.

2. You directly communicate with the tour operators

We understand that you want a stress-free vacation. We know you’re busy. This is why we prepared everything for you. You don’t have to go rely on third-party websites just to book your tours. All of Tikigo’s tours and activity bookings are processed by the tour operators themselves. Thus, you can transact directly with them at any time of the day. They can process and assist you with your tours even when you’re on the other side of the world.

3. It is cheaper to book tours online

Palawan can be an expensive place to visit – if you’re coming here impulsively. A well-planned Palawan escapade can save you a hefty amount. During the peak season, a lot of tour agencies are already fully booked. It is a hassle to find tour agencies right after you’ve arrived. Worry no more! You can book your tours and activities at Tikigo at your most convenient time. It saves you both time and money. You get more funds for other sorts of fun on this beautiful island.

4. Tikigo offers contactless payments and tour processing

The Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic challenged many industries worldwide. At the same time, it also opened doors for improved services. With Tikigo, you can pay for your tours online. You don’t have to go outside your home just to organize that. The tour operators process your bookings online through the web app, and they give you the exact information you need for the day of your activity with them. You can look forward to a fun-filled adventure in Palawan.

According to recent developments in Palawan, the province may open its borders to tourists very soon. The province is excited to meet you! Surprise yourself with world-class scenery and services. Book your tours now on Tikigo!