Nabat Island in Taytay

Spoil yourself in the tropical luxury of Nabat Island. Dive into the turquoise waters and witness the splendid underwater life unfold in your very eyes. The island is well-known for its untouched coral reefs and diverse tropical fishes. The underwater view is as breathtaking as the island. Brightly-colored corals fill the arcs on the sea bed. It’s a terrific place to enjoy swimming and snorkeling. Dive spots surround the island. Giant clams, sea slugs, anemones, and giant corals are among the views that await you in the waters of Nabat Island.

Above water, powdery white sand lines the shores. A short stroll will introduce you to the tiny crabs digging holes on the sand. The shorelines are perfect spots for lunch picnics or a few hours of downtime by the beach. You can even hang hammocks on the branches of wild trees.

The island itself is a massive lift of rocky limestone cliffs. These cliffs conceal the caves where swiftlets live. During low tide, black volcanic rocks peep above the water. Here you can find lots of sea creatures busy searching for food. If you’re lucky, you can find shells, crabs, some sea cucumbers and sea urchins perfect for a quick seafood munch. Nabat Island is a place designed to free your soul from your worries. Enjoy the simple life in the province as you explore this hidden gem in Taytay with the local organizers offering their tours on Tikigo.

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