Maxima Island

Maxima Island, whose official name is Albguan Island (also spelled Albaguen Island), is connected to its little sister Exotic Island by a small white sandbar. Crossing the sea walking between the two islands is kind of enchanting and this spot became one of the most popular destinations in Port Barton for this exact reason. Among the different activities, you will be able to visit of the village as part of the many tours that stop there.

Tours And Activities In Maxima Island

Discover The Best Tours And Activities In Maxima Island

In order to visit Maxima Island, the easiest way is to join one of the many island hopping tours offered in Port Barton. That way, the island will be part of the itinerary. The real choice you will have to do is either if you prefer to have a public tour or a private one. If you have any doubt, you can get in touch with the local organizers below to ask them what’s best. Start planning your adventure in Albguan Island today on Tikigo.