Marimegmeg Beach

(Las Cabanas or Vanilla Beach)

Better known as Las Cabañas until recently, Marimegmeg Beach is located just 15 minutes from El Nido town. This beautiful beach has now been developed into the commercial and resort area of Vanilla Beach, making it even more popular. Many restaurants, bars and businesses have set up shop in the lanes that separate the road from the beach.

Nearby, you’ll also find a zip line and other activities available. The construction of large hotels near the beach means that there will be even more activity in the future. The place has lost its privacy to business, but the beach is still beautiful and the view of Bacuit Bay exceptional.

To get to Marimegmeg Beach, simply ask a tricycle to take you to Vanilla Beach. You can also get there with a scooter or motorcycle rental. You can also visit other beautiful beaches around El Nido such as Nacpan Beach and Duli Beach.

Tours And Activities In Marimegmeg Beach

Discover The Best Things To Do In The Nearest Beach From El Nido Town

Beyond shopping, tasting in restaurants and bars, you can have fun at Vanilla Beach. With the zip line, thrill seekers will be delighted. To get there, you can take a tricycle or, for more freedom of movement, rent a car or motorcycle. Start planning your Las Cabanas Beach adventures today.