Ditaytayan Island in Culion

Ditaytayan Island is one of the most emblematic spot in the beautiful region of Culion, Palawan. With its white sandbar, which gets covered at high tide, it offers a truly splendid view. The best snorkeling spots are located on both sides of the sandbar. This small island also has three beaches on its other sides, including the locally famous “Long Beach”. This truly stunning and relaxing place can be visited while taking an island hopping tour from Coron or on an expedition coming from or going to El Nido.

Top Tours And Activities In Ditaytayan Island

Find Out How To Get To This Stunning Destination In Culion

You can visit Ditaytayan Island, its sandbar and its beach while taking a tour organized by local agencies registered on Tikigo. One of the most popular way to get there is through an expedition tour going between El Nido and Coron. Find out the different tour packages available and book your activity online. You can start planning your adventures in Palawan today.