Palawan scenery are spectacular, and self-driving through them is an awesome way to discover the “best island in the world“. But how do you rent a car in Palawan? Most towns on the island don’t have any car rental agencies and the best place to find a rental car is in the capital, Puerto Princesa. In this article, we’ll thus see how to rent a car in Puerto Princesa and what are the options that you have.

Palawan’s Local Car Rental Agencies

As you probably noticed, at the time being there are no big car rental companies doing business in Palawan. Hertz, Europcar or Avis doesn’t have any office there, and you are left with trying to figure out how on earth you will find a car to fullfill your self-drive dreams…

If you didn’t plan anything in advance, you might end up looking at results on Google Maps and try to walk in the different local agencies you see listed, hoping to find a good vehicle for a reasonnable price. This might turn into a time-consuming and possibly frustrating experience as you may not find the type of vehicle or price you want.

A thing you must know is that renting a car in Palawan is quite expensive. Don’t expect to find a cheap car for $15/day. The car rental rates may shock you but you must take into account the relative rarity of that type of vehicle on the island. Compared to motorbikes, tricycles, multicabs and jeepneys, car is an unusual mean of transportation in Palawan.

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The best strategy would thus be planning your car rental online, by directly getting in touch with local agencies, which will allow you to compare the offers and find the best deals. That’s exactly what we intend to do here on Tikigo, where local agencies can list their rental offers and travelers can book them online, alongside other services such as tours, transportation and activities.

How To Rent A Car In Puerto Princesa And Palawan

Now that you have a convenient way to organize your car rental in Puerto Princesa, here is the list of the things you must be aware of when renting a car in Palawan. They don’t necessarily apply to all car renters here, but they are the common practice on the island.

1. You Don’t Need An International Driver License

The Filipino law allows you to drive with a foreign license for up to 90 days after your arrival in the country. If your driver license is not in English, you should carry an official English translation from your local embassy. Most of the time, the renter will not require you to present your driver’s license but if you are subject to a police check, you will be required to present your driver’s license and maybe its translation if it’s in a different language then English.

2. The Mileage Is Unlimited

You are not limited upon the number of kilometers you can do with your car rental. That’s great news for most drivers as they won’t have to worry about that part. The only requirement is that you return the vehicle with the same level of fuel.

3. The Insurance Is Participative

Again, this may vary from agency to agency but, most of the time, the type of assurance you will find with car rentals in Puerto Princesa is a “participative” one. This means that if you have an accident, you will have to partially shoulder the cost incurred by the damages. To make things clear right from the start, you should always ask the renter to provide you with a copy of the contract insurance. You can do that easily through messaging on Tikigo, so don’t hesitate to do so.

4. You Must Leave A Valid ID To The Renter (Or A Cash Deposit)

That’s the part most travelers appreciates the least in the local car rental process… Large car rental companies keep an imprint of your credit card to bill you for any damage to the car. This is not possible here, where most transactions are in cash. Your passport or ID is the only safeguard for the car rental company that you will not try to disappear if ever you damage the vehicle. That’s why most renters will not agree to leave their car with you if you refuse to leave them your passport or identity card.

As a compromise, other rental companies accept a cash deposit instead, along with a photocopy of your passport. The exact amount of cash required depends on the car, but it is usually around P10,000.

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Common Options For Your Car Rental

Once you start planning your car rental in Palawan, you’ll find that local car rental companies can be very accommodating. Whether you need the car delivered to you in remote places or whether you need to hire a personal driver, this is possible and, generally, quite affordable compared to prices elsewhere. This is part of the advantages that these family businesses often have over international car rental companies.

Delivery Of The Car

Sure, Puerto Princesa is basically the only place where you can rent a car in Palawan. But even if you start your journey on the main island in El Nido, San Vicente, Balabac or Port Barton, you will easily find someone who will deliver the car for you. Simply ask to the local renters how much it will cost and, most of the time, the solution will follow.

Hire A Personal Driver

Another perk of dealing with smaller companies instead of multinational ones is that almost all of them will offer you the option to get a personal driver. Not only should it change the conditions of the insurance contract, but you will have a local with you who can possibly advise and guide you through the island. The prices offered by the local agencies for this service are also generally quite affordable, as you will be able to see while performing your searches on Tikigo.

Rent A Car And Plan Your Trip In Palawan Today!

Renting a car in Palawan can be both easy and convenient and that’s what we’re aiming to here on Tikigo! The platform allows you not only to rent a car, but to plan and book your tours, activities and transportations directly with local organizers. Start planning your adventures in Palawan today!

If you are a car renter in Palawan, you can add your company today in one easy step: click here to register as a vendor. You’ll be able to start adding your car rentals in no time!