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Balabac, The Remote Paradise

Located at the southernmost tip of Palawan Island, Balabac is known for both its great beauty and remoteness. The municipality has 36 islands and countless white sand beaches and sandbars. If you are looking for a way to get off the beaten track in Palawan, Balabac is definitely a place of interest.

To reach this place, most travelers leave from Puerto Princesa, before taking a van or bus to Rio Tuba. From there, you can take a boat ferry that, after a crossing of about 5 hours, will allow you to arrive at the port of Balabac. It is there that dream landscapes, tropical islands, sugar-white sand bars and beaches await you…

Balabac’s Top Destinations

Discover The Hidden Jewels Of This Natural Wonder

If you are looking for a remote place to enjoy nature in its raw state, Balabac has some pleasant surprises in store for you. Discover its fine sandy beaches, turquoise and crystal clear waters, as well as its strikingly beautiful sandbars and islands…

Mansalangan Bar

Patawan Island

Comiran Island

Candaraman Island

Onok Island

Canibungan Island

Punta Sebaring

Babi Island

Discover A Remote Paradise

Whether you reach it on your own or choose an organized tour, you will feel like you have arrived at the paradise when you are in Balabac. Discover the different activities available to spend the best vacation possible in this idyllic place!

Island Hopping

Explore The Beauty Of Balabac

It is a popular activity in a beautiful place. Spend your day on a boat island hopping. On these tours, you’ll see dreamy beaches, gorgeous sandbars, and stunning tropical islands. Get ready for a great day enjoying the best this place has to offer.

All Inclusive Tours

Let Professionals Manage Your Trip

One of the easiest ways to discover this place is to use the services of a travel agency that will manage everything for you: transportation, hotels, tours and meals. If you are looking for such a solution, you will be interested in the tour packages offered by local organizers on Tikigo.

Start Planning Your Adventures Today

Discover The Best Activities Offered By Local Organizers On Tikigo!

Most Popular Activities In Balabac

Prepare To Be Blown Away By The Splendor Of The Area

Whatever type of tour you are looking for, you will be able to find the best one for you thanks to the local organizers registered on Tikigo. Public tours, private tours, fully organized trips… You have the choice: just pick the one that suits you best!

Travel Tips About Balabac

Learn How To Make The Most Of Your Stay In This Tropical Paradise

To help you plan and organize your trip, as well as to give you an idea of what to expect, you will find here our articles written by local writers. Check out their tips for an unforgettable time in Palawan.


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