Mansalangan Sandbar in Balabac

Discover Mansalangan Sandbar in Balabac. This island (also called Byan Island) is a pure jewel of the southern part of Palawan. You can explore it by taking an island hopping tours in Balabac. Dipping your feet in a few centimeters of water on this advance of white sand has something of enchantment… For sure, this will be one of the highlights of your day. Start planning and book your activities there online today with the local organizers offering their tours in Mansalangan Sandbar!

Top Tours And Activities In Mansalangan Sandbar

Discover The Best Ways To Visit This Stunning Sandbar In Balabac

The easiest way to visit this tourist destination is to take a tour including which includes it in its itinerary. There are different options to do so. The first is to take a day tour. Another one is to book a full trip to Balabac including your transportation, accommodation, meals and activities. Find out the different offer currently available and book your tours and activities online today.