Nagtabon Beach is easily the best beach in the direct surroundings of Puerto Princesa. Stretching over 1 kilometer, this is a perfect place to enjoy the raw beauty of Palawan, the white sand, palm trees and coconuts. Now, there’s only one question: how to get there from Puerto Princesa City?

Where is Nagtabon Beach?

Nagtabon beach is located 31 kms away from Puerto Princesa City center. The road to get there is fully built, which means you can use pretty much any kind of road vehicle to get there.

The itinerary is pretty straightforward. Leaving Puerto Princesa with the North Road, you have to go straight until you see a gas-station and then make a left turn on Bucangan-Nagtabon Road. Then, you can simply follow the signs indicating “Nagtabon Beach”. You can check the itinerary in Google Maps by clicking the image below:

Itinerary from Puerto Princesa to Nagtabon Beach

Finally, you should know that the beach itself is located behind a hill that is quite elevated. This means that the access road is pretty steep. This detail will have its importance when it comes to choosing the right mean of transportation…

Going to Nagtabon Beach with a tricycle

The simplest way to get to Nagtabon beach is to hire a tricycle. As this is the most popular mean of transportation in Puerto Princesa, you won’t have a hard time to find one. When a tricycle offers their service, simply make sure to ask for the price ahead. Usually, they will charge P1,000 for the round trip (back and forth).

The trip in a tricycle will take around 1h30. This is because the tricycle are slower than other vehicles such as cars, vans or even motorbikes. You will definitely notice it when you leave the trafic of the city and reach the northern highway road.

Enjoying the day in Nagtabon Beach, Palawan | Tikigo Tips

All that being said, be mindful of the tricycle you choose. Remember we told you the access road is pretty steep? Well, not only do you want a tricycle with good brakes for going down, but you should also make sure the one you choose will be able to climb it up when departing. Try to choose a tricycle with a motorbike that looks well maintained and not too old. 

Renting a vehicle to go to Nagtabon Beach

Another way to go to Nagtabon beach is by driving yourself. For that, the best way is to rent a car or a motorbike in Puerto Princesa. The prices start around P500 per day for a scooter, and P2,000 per day for a car. Just look on Tikigo for the available offers : you can search the rental of your choice and book it online with our platform.

If you decide to rent a car, know that you have the option to hire a driver. This can be a good option if you don’t want to drive yourself, or if you don’t know how to drive.

Nagtabon beach in Puerto Princesa, Palawan | Tikigo Tips

Other ways to get there

You may have the opportunity to hire a taxi to go to Nagtabon beach, but there are only a few in Puerto Princesa and the moment and some of them are limited in the destinations they are allowed to deserve. If they need to wait for you while you enjoy the beach, the taxi counter will still be turning and it chances are it will be  more expensive than renting a car with a driver.

Jeepneys are also traveling along Bucangan-Nagtabon Road and they can drop you at the View Deck or at the junction of the road going to the beach. If you don’t mind the steep walk, it is definitely the cheapest option, but you should know that there are no fixed schedules with the jeepneys, so going back to Puerto Princesa might take you a long time (or even be impossible if there are no more jeepneys on that day).

Finally, as every organizer can create their own tours and advertise them on Tikigo, you should definitely check the page dedicated to Nagtabon Beach. It may not exist at the time we’re writing, but an organizer might offer a van shuttle service at the time you’re reading this. Simply check the activities and tours available here to discover the latest services offered in Nagtabon beach by Tikigoers!

Do you know about other ways to get to Nagtabon Beach? Share your tips in the comment section below to help fellow travelers and tikigoers!