Tourist Spots in Coron

Discover 24 Tourist Destinations To Explore While You Are In Coron

Tropical beaches lined with coconut palms, lagoons with turquoise waters, dream islands, coral reefs and white sandbars… Coron has dozens of tourist destinations to discover. Click on each of them to read tips and find out what you can do there.

Atwayan Beach

Balinsasayaw Reef

Banana Island

Banul Beach

Barracuda Lake

Beach 91

Bulog Dos Island

Cashew Harvest Store

CYC Beach

Green Lagoon

Kayangan Lake

Lualhati Park

Lusong Island

Malwawey Reef

Maquinit Hotspring

Mt. Tapyas

San Agustine Church

Sangat Island

Siete Pecados

Skeleton Wreck

Smith Point Beach

Sunset Beach

Town Plaza

Twin Lagoons