Maquinit Hotspring in Coron

Maquinit Hotspring is a popular spot in Coron, both for locals and for tourists visiting the city. It is one of the very few saltwater hotspring in the world. The location of the hotspring is a 30 minute tricycle ride from the town of Coron. The pool is surrounded by mangrove trees which adds an enchanting feeling while taking a relaxing dip in the hotspring. You can visit with a city tour or go there by yourself with a motorbike rental or a tricycle ride.

How To Visit Maquinit Hotspring

Discover How To Visit This Popular Tourist Destination Near Coron Town

Maquinit Hotspring is included in some Town Tours in Coron. This is a great way to combine everything that makes Coron and interesting location: history, culture and water activities! Find the tour package that suits you best and start planning your activities in Coron online today.