Skeleton Wreck

(Irako Shipwreck)

Skeleton Wreck (also known as Irako Shipwreck) is a tourist spot included in several island hopping tours in Coron. A few meters under the surface of the sea, lies the shipwreck of a Japanese boat that was sunk during World War 2. Only the structure of the ship remains but it brings many snorkeling enthusiasts who want to see one of the famous Coron shipwrecks. The other attractions there are the myriads of striped black and white damsel fish gathering around the boats, as well as the rock formations nearby the island.

Top Tours And Activities In Skeleton Wreck

Discover How To Explore This Famous WW2 Shipwreck In Coron

You can discover this shipwreck while taking a scuba diving activity, an island hopping tour or even an expedition going from El Nido to Coron. Needless to say, you have choice when it comes to exploring this particular spot. Find out what is your preferred way and start planning your adventures online today. With the local organizers registered on Tikigo, it’s easy to get in touch and customize your tours and activities!