Green Lagoon in Coron

Green Lagoon is a tourist destination in Coron, located on the coast of Coron Island, not far from Twin Lagoon and other popular spots. It is famous for its green waters where you can swim and snorkel. This place is also great just to relax and take a walk on the wooden walkway that runs alongside the limestone cliffs.

This destination is included in several island hopping tours, such as Coron Island Tour. You may stop there to enjoy the view and the water activities, but also for a lunch break. There are kubo (traditional huts) over the waters where your tour organizer might stop to have lunch. It’s a quite awesome place to stop and may very well be one of the highlights of your day.

Top Tours And Activities In Green Lagoon

Discover The Best Activities To Have In This Beautiful Lagoon

To explore this beautiful tourist destination in Coron, you can take an island hopping tour. This is the perfect way to visit several spots in Coron Island and its surroundings. With Tikigo, you can see all registered local organizers and pick the tours and activities that suits you best. Simply check the tour packages below and start planning your adventures in Palawan today.