Twin Lagoon in Coron

Twin Lagoon is one of Coron‘s most beautiful and iconic spots. The azure waters of the lagoon combined with the majesty of the limestone cliffs and the lush tropical vegetation make it an unforgettable sight. It is not only a place to take exceptional photos, but also a great place to visit. You can refresh yourself by snorkeling and swimming on an island hopping tour from the town of Coron. Discover today the best activities in this little piece of paradise!

Top Tours And Activities In Twin Lagoon

Discover The Best Ways To Explore This Stunning Spot In Coron

Many tours and activities allow you to visit this iconic tourist destination. When it comes to visiting these lagoons, you have a lot of options. Indeed, you can choose between private tours or shared tours, but also between different tours. For example, the Coron Island Tour and Coron Island Super Ultimate Tour are highly recommended. Check out the offers below and start planning your adventures in this beautiful place.