Lusong Island in Coron

Lusong Island, in Coron, is famous both for its coral garden and for the World War 2 gunboat shipwreck that lies on the bottom of the sea near its shores. This makes this tourist spot doubly worthwhile visiting, whether you are snorkeling while on an island hopping tour or scuba diving. To get there, you can simply take an island hopping tour organized by a local agencies. Check out the different tour packages available below to find the best prices and ratings.

Top Tours And Activities In Lusong Island

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Discover how to get to Lusong Island and enjoy its points of interest thanks to the local organizers offering their services on Tikigo. One of the tour that will take you there is the famous Coron Reefs and Wrecks Tour. Find out the tour package that suits you best and plan your adventures in Coron and Palawan online today.