Aloha House And Eco-Farm

Aloha House is all at once an ecological farm, a bed and breakfast, an orphanage and an organic products store. Located on the heights of Santa Monica, just next to Baker’s Hill and Mitra’s Ranch, Aloha House can be visited and is included in some city tours of Puerto Princesa. This farm tour can include lunch or snacks, depending on the organizer.

For tourists as for local residents, Aloha Farm offers fresh food (herbs, veggies, cheese, and more) and a great view on the Sulu sea. If you are looking for fresh air and food in the heart of the city, this is an excellent choice. You can reach this destination either by hiring a tricycle or with a guided tour of the town.

Tours And Activities In Aloha House

Learn How To Discover This Eco-Farm In Puerto Princesa

Some Puerto Princesa city tours may include Aloha House in their itineraries. If you’re taking a private tour, simply ask to stop there, as it’s right along Baker’s Hill and Mitra’s Ranch. But it’s also possible to get there by yourself with a rental car or motorbike. In any case, the visit of this eco-shop and farm is worth a little detour.