Baker’s Hill

A Place For The Family

Baker’s Hill, located on top of Santa Monica’ hill, is one of the popular tourist destinations in Puerto Princesa City. Locals say that the place started many years ago as a mere bakery. It transformed later into a mini park with establishments such as souvenir shop, snack bar, pizza house, baker’s kitchen and more.

Their bakeshop now sells the well-liked hopia, as well as mini-cakes, munchies, cookies, and other baked delicacies such as tamilok. Tamilok are marine mollusks or shell-less saltwater clams with long, soft and naked forms. This worm-like thing is extracted from the trunk of the mangroves where they bore holes into its wood. You can eat this Filipino delicacy either fresh or cooked.

Baker’s Hill is well-landscaped and attractive. The children’s playground is equipped with swing, slides, and playhouses. There are also treehouses and tunnel-like structures adorned with plants and vines. Along the alleys of the park, you can encounter statues of popular characters like American actress Marilyn Monroe, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Shrek and more… There’s even a little zoo with birds such as talking mynas and peacocks.

Admirably, Baker’s Hill’s owners let the place open to the public. There’s no entrance fee and you can stroll around and use the amenities for free. The owner’s house is just within the park, an impressive modern house. At the interior part of the park, a view deck gives you a perfect vista on the city and its coastal areas. From afar, you can also have a sight of Honda Bay islands.

Tours And Activities In Baker’s Hill

Include This Tourist Spot In Your Visit Of Puerto Princesa City

Baker’s Hill is part of almost every Puerto Princesa City Tour. This is a great place to discover local delicacies and have a walk through the alleys of the park. Discover how to get there and include this spot in your own visit of the town.