Mitra’s Ranch, The Overlooking Ranch

Mitra’s Ranch (also known as Rancho Mitra) is located on Mitra Road, at the top Santa Monica’s hill. It has an overlooking view on the Sulu Sea and offers different activities, including a zipline, paint-ball and a restaurant. Animal lovers will be happy to approach the horses and foals roaming freely in the ranch.

It’s free to enter the premises of Mitra’s Ranch and you can just get there to appreciate the fresh air and the view. But you can also discover it through a Puerto Princesa City Tour. These tours generally visit it right after or before Baker’s Hill,which is located only a few hundred meters away.

Tours And Activities In Mitra’s Ranch

Discover Fun And Excitement Activities In This Overlooking Property

Mitra’s Ranch can be entered freely, simply to enjoy the view. But you can also avail different activities, and including this tourist destination in a city tour. Discover the tour and activity packages available and find the one that fits you best!