Secret Beach in El Nido

Secret Beach is one of the popular destinations to discover on Matinloc Island. As its name suggests, it is difficult to access… To get in, you’ll have to carefully pass through a small hole in the limestone cliff. But once you are inside, you will understand why this place is so popular with people visiting El Nido.

The peace and tranquility of Secret Beach is best appreciated when visited on a private tour. Being alone in this secluded place, and as if sheltered from the world, is something to be savored. For sure, it is a place that will charm you if you are fond of unusual natural places.

To visit Secret beach, you can participate in one of the 7 Wonders of El Nido tours. The tour that includes this destination is called Matinloc Island Premium. This tour will also take you to Matinloc Shrine and Hidden Beach, two particularly interesting destinations in this part of Bacuit Bay.

Top Tours And Activities In Secret Beach

Discover The Best Tours And Activities In Secret Beach

To visit this secluded beach, there is nothing like a tour organized by a local travel and tours company. You can choose between different packages, which offer public tours, private tours and even the combination of several half-day tours in one day. Choose from the offers provided by local tour operators registered on Tikigo, and start planning your El Nido adventures today!