Hidden Beach in El Nido

Hidden Beach is located in the northern part of Matinloc Island. It is said that this particular beach inspired the book The Beach by Alex Garland, which was later adapter in a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Just as in the story it inspired, Hidden Beach is hard to reach. At low tide, boats cannot approach it and visitors must cross a long stretch of shallow water to get there.

When you arrive on site, you will discover a beautiful and seemingly untouched beach. There is a sense of remoteness that adds to the charm of the place. If you can visit it on a private tour, away from the crowds, the effect is all the more striking. The beach seems somehow out of time, as it probably looked the same for millennia. This is one of the reasons why most people consider this tourist destination to be one of the best in El Nido.

You can visit Hidden Beach on an island hopping tour. It is included in the Matinloc Island Premium itinerary. With Tikigo, find out which local organizers offer this tour and choose the package that suits you best. You can start planning your Palawan adventures online today.

Tours And Activities In Hidden Beach

Discover The Best Ways To Visit This Extraordinary Beach In El Nido

The easiest and most convenient way to visit Hidden is to follow one of the 7 Wonders of El Nido tours. The one dedicated to Matinloc Island includes this destination in its itinerary. Find out about the offers and types of tours available: public tour, private tour, and full-day tour combining two half-day tours. Most of all, feel free to contact the local tour operators registered on Tikigo if you have any question about your future tour to El Nido!