Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour

Explore one of the 7 New Wonders of Nature! The Underground River Tour will bring you to Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park for a day full of discovery and amazement.

If you are visiting Puerto Princesa, this is the tour you’ll hear about the most. With a reason: it is absolutely amazing. The Underground River Tour will bring you to Puerto Princesa subterranean river, a unique natural formation that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999 and was elected one of the 7 New Wonders of Nature in 2011.

The underground river stretches over 8.2 kilometers and is accessible by boat up to 4.3 kilometers from the sea. Most tours will go up to 1.5 kilometers inside the cave but some organizers also offer the “extended tour” with a private boat. The time spent on the river will thus vary between 45 minutes and more than 3 hours, depending on the length of the tour.

Most tours start in Puerto Princesa, but it’s also possible to get ones from other places (for example, from or to El Nido). They will generally include a stop in Sabang where you’ll board a bangka for a 20-minutes ride to the National Park, but you can also have a 2-hours hike through the forest to get there.

Start looking for the perfect Underground River Tour for you on this page. You can either do it as a public tour or as a private one. Some local organizers also include different options and additional stops along the way to Sabang, such as Ugong Rock or Hundred Caves. Choice is yours!


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