Hundred Caves

Caving Exploration And Adventures

Get ready for some great caving adventures at Hundred Caves! Located on the road between Salvacion Junction and Sabang, this site allows you to experience three distinct caving tours. The shortest will take you about 45 minutes, while the longest will take you through caves and caverns for over three hours.

A local association subsidized by the municipality operates Hundred Caves. A guide will accompany you throughout your visit. Please note, however, that the hike to the cave entrance and the exploration of the caves themselves should be reserved for physically fit hikers. The activity can be tiring and, like all caving exploration, involves risks that should not be overlooked.

In any case, this visit is an excellent activity, mixing sport and geological discovery. You can do it after a private Underground River Tour for example, or rent a car or hire a van to go there by yourself. It is certainly worth the detour.

Tours And Activities In Hundred Caves

Get Ready For Some Fun With These Caving Adventures

This activity can be physically demanding, but if you feel up to it, you’ll assuredly love it. Only a few options exist that can bring you there. Discover which tours include in their itinerary or suggested itinerary. With Tikigo, you can also get in touch with local organizers if you need more information about the possibility of including this stop in your tour!