Snake Island

(Vigan Island)

Snake Island (or Vigan Island according to its traditional name) is known for its beautiful sandbar where you can walk freely at low tide. This sand bridge between Vigan island and the main island of Palawan is one of the destinations that made the former El Nido Tour B very popular.

Today, you can visit this tourist spot as part of the Cave Exploration Tour, along with Cudugnon Cave and Cathedral Cave. The main activity is a short walk along the sandbar and a visit to Vigan Island, which is home to monkey populations, among others.

Top Tours And Activities In Snake Island

Discover The Best Ways To Visit This Popular Tourist Spot In El Nido

It is during a half day dedicated to the visit of natural formations that you can visit Snake Island. With the new Cave Exploration Tour, you will explore the caves of Bacuit Bay and this beautiful white sandbar. Choose from the tours offered by local organizers on Tikigo and start planning your adventures in El Nido today.