Cudugnon Cave in El Nido

Cudugnon Cave is an interesting historical site and geological formation that you can visit while island hopping in El Nido. Artifacts including human bones, pottery and jewelry have been discovered in the cave. The oldest ones date back to the Neolithic era, when it is believed that the cave was used as a burial ground. In its more recent history, the cave’s room system was occupied by Japanese troops during World War II. There is even a rumor that the soldiers had stored a treasure there.

The entrance to the cave is through a narrow cavity, accessible only at low tide. The maneuver is delicate, and visitors should proceed carefully to avoid any injury. Inside, you can admire the natural geological formations and visit the three rooms that make up the cave.

Until 2020 and the introduction of the 7 Wonders of El Nido, Cudugnon Cave was included in Tour B. It is now part of the Cave Exploration Tour, which focuses on the interesting geological formations of Bacuit Bay, along with Snake Island and Cathedral Cave.

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Discover How To Visit This Historical Cave While Island Hopping In El Nido

To discover and explore the rooms of Cudugnon Cave, you can join one of the island hopping tours departing from El Nido. Through the local organizer tours listed below, you will find the different offers currently available that include this location. Choose the package that suits you best and book your tours and activities at Cudugnon Cave online today.