Payong-Payong Beach in El Nido

Discover another beautiful destination on Miniloc Island with Payong-Payong Beach. Limestone cliffs and beautiful rock formations surround this white sand beach which is part of the Small Lagoon Premium tour destinations, along with Small Lagoon and Secret Lagoon.

This tourist spot is a great place to swim and snorkel, or just to relax and sunbathe on the beach. When it was part of El Nido Tour A, it was often chosen as a place to take a lunch break. You can visit it today with an island hopping tour. Find out the different tour packages available in Payong-Payong Beach below.

Top Tours And Activities In Payong-Payong Beach

Discover How To Visit This Beautiful Beach In El Nido

To have a good time in Payong-Payong Beach, you can choose an island hopping tour in El Nido. The new 7 Wonders of El Nido tours take you on a half-day trip to a selection of three tourist spots. You can choose a private tour or a public tour. And if you want to combine two tours in one day, this is an option offered by some local organizers registered on Tikigo. Choose from the offers below and start planning your adventures in El Nido now.