Secret Lagoon in El Nido

Among other natural wonders, Miniloc Island is home to the secluded Secret Lagoon. This popular tourist destination used to be part of Tour A, until the old tours were replaced by the 7 Wonders of El Nido. Today, you can visit it with the Small Lagoon Premium tour.

To access the lagoon, you will have to pass through a small hole in the limestone cliff. Be careful, with the waves, it is better to be extra cautious when passing through the said entrance. In general, it is better to engage in this activity when the tide is low.

Top Tours And Activities In Secret Lagoon

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To visit this lagoon out of sight, you can participate in an island hopping tour. Below you will find a selection of available tours offered by local organizers, at the best prices. You can choose between private and public tours, or even tours that combine several half-day tours for a full day of water activities. Choose the tour package of your choice and plan your El Nido adventure today.