Pasandigan Cove in El Nido

Pasandigan Cove is a popular destination in El Nido. The cove borders Cadlao Island which rises majestically in front of the town. It is a peaceful haven that you will appreciate for its beauty and tranquil atmosphere. It used to be possible to visit the place with the old El Nido Tour D. Now, since the establishment of the 7 Wonders of El Nido tours, you can do it with the Cadlao Channel Tour, which will also take you to Cadlao Lagoon and Helicopter Island.

Top Tours And Activities In Pasandigan Cove

Discover The Best Ways To Visit This Popular Tourist Spot In El Nido

To visit this cove, there is nothing like an island hopping tour. On this page, you can choose from different tour packages. Whether you prefer the comfort and privacy of a private tour, or the economy that represents a public tour, you will find what you need here. It is also possible to combine two half day tours into one full day tour. Start planning and booking your tours and activities in El Nido today.