Helicopter Island

(Dilumacad Island)

Helicopter Island gets its name from its particular shape, which evokes that of a helicopter… For other observers, the island reminds rather a chicken leg, a camel or a dinosaur. As one would do with a cloud, one can see in Dilumacad Island (its traditional name) what it likes best. You too will have the pleasure to make up your mind about it when you visit it!

Many boat tours in El Nido include this famous island it in their circuit. With its white sand beach and range of coconut trees bringing shadow, it’s a great place to swim, snorkel, relax on the beach or even do a first dive. Choice is up to you, thanks to the many activities available on the island. What would you rather do first?

Most Popular Activities On The Island

Discover What To Do On And Around Dilumacad Island

Once you’ll be there, you’ll want to stay. Even though you can just relax on the beach and spend the day, most people visiting Helicopter Island do it as a part of a boat tour or diving activity. Discover the most popular ones below!