Talaudyong Beach,

Beach-Going At Its Finest

Discover Talaudyong Beach and enjoy the beauty of Puerto Princesa’s west coast. Located around 1 hour away from the city, this beautiful beach offers a great getaway, a few kilometers farther than Nagtabon Beach, another popular tourist destination in the area.

Two resorts operate on the beach: Pakpak-Lauin Day Tour and Tala Beach Resort. Both have bungalows to rent for the day, as well as barbecue to use for grilling. Their entrance fee is similar: around a hundred pesos at the time we’re writing. They both allow guests to stay overnight and have tents for rent to sleep on the beach. At night, they provide animations, with a bonfire and fire dancers.

You can reach Talaudyong Beach either by yourself with a rental car or motorbike from Puerto Princesa, or with tours offered by local organizers offering. Start planning your adventures in this stunningly beautiful and relaxing place with Tikigo.

Tours And Activities In Talaudyong Beach

Discover How To Make The Most Of Your Day… Or Your Night

You can get to Talaudyong Beach with a guided tour or by your own means if you rent a car or a motorbike. When there, you’ll discover several resorts where you can rent a bungalow or even a tent to spend the night camping on the beach. Discover the different offers available and start planning your trip online today!