Welcome To Sabang Beach

Sabang Beach is located in the municipality of Puerto Princesa, about 70 kilometers from downtown. This beautiful and pleasant beach stretches along the entire waterfront of  Sabang town’s. People who are taking an Underground River Tour generally get on a boat from Sabang’s Pier, which is located at the end of the beach. While waiting to embark, you may have time to walk a little on the beach.

Aside from the services offered by local organizers, you can simply go there to relax and unwind on the sand or play some Frisbee. Thanks to the nearby canteens, restaurants and resorts, you can have a drink or meal while enjoying a splendid view on the sea. Check out the various tours and activities available in Sabang Beach today.

Tours And Activities In Sabang Beach

Discover The Best Things To Do In Sabang Beach

You can get in Sabang with a guided tour, with a van or with a motorbike or car rental. The activities available there include the underground river tour as well as beach tours. Discover the package that fits you best and book them with local organizers on Tikigo.