Olangoan Waterfalls

Olangoan Waterfalls is located about 70 kilometers from the city center of Puerto Princesa. It is an interesting stop on the way to Port Barton or El Nido, in the north of the island. The entrance to the trail is located near mile marker 72.

After paying an entrance fee, you can access the waterfalls by hiking for about 40 minutes through the forest. On site, you will find a swimming hole as well as a 5 meter high cliff. The waterfalls are full of fish and are the perfect place for a refreshing swim. Bungalows are available for rent and you can enjoy a barbecue. There is also a small resort where you can spend the night.

Getting To Olangoan Waterfalls

Discover The Best Ways To Reach This Refreshing Stop

There may not be dedicated tours to Olangoan waterfalls but you can reach them by yourselves with a public transportation or a rental car or motorbike. Another way is to stop there on the way to Port Barton or El Nido. If you take a private van, simply ask to your driver how much it will cost to stop along the way for 2 or 3 hours. You can do so by getting in touch with them on Tikigo while you’re booking a van from Puerto Princesa to El Nido or other similar routes.