Inaladelan Island

(aka Inoladoan Island or German Island)

Also known as “German Island” and Inoladoan Island, Inaladelan Island is one of the popular destinations included in island hopping tours in Port Barton. It is home to the Inaladelan Island Resort, which is usually the gateway to the island and its beautiful beaches and natural attractions.

This island is a great place to take a lunch break on an island tour. You can rest in the shade of the palm trees, take a walk on the beach and watch the turtles swimming nearby. It is also a place where it is possible to camp on the beach as part of a package tour. All this explains why this island and its paradise beach is one of the most popular destinations in Port Barton.

Tours And Activities In Inaladelan Island

Explore The Island For The Day Or Stay There For The Night

You can visit this island during a day tour. This is a great option, you only need to decide which tour. Indeed, you can join a group-open tour or decide to get a private one for your party only. Whatever your choice, you can start planning your adventure in Inaladelan Island online today!