Ipil Beach in El Nido

Ipil Beach is a lovely beach located on Pinagbuyutan Island, one of the most impressive island in Bacuit Bay. Its limestone cliffs rise majestically above the sea and cast their shadow on the other part of the island. This provides a pleasant shade on a part of Ipil Beach during half of the day.

This tourist destination is an ideal place to relax, sunbathe or go for a swim and enjoy the clear waters. At the end of the beach, there is a particularly famous snorkeling spot. However, it must be said that in recent years the condition of the corals has deteriorated. Nevertheless, this is one of the most pleasant destinations to visit during a island hopping tour.

The beach is included in the 7 Wonders of El Nido tours. You can visit it as part of the History Islands Tour. Find out the local organizers who offer this tour on Tikigo and book your activities in Ipil Beach online today.

Tours And Activities In Ipil Beach

Discover The Best Ways To Enjoy This Stunning Beach In El Nido

You can visit this tourist destination with an organized tour. Island tours in El Nido are among the most popular activities, and should not be missed when visiting the area. Check out the tours offered by local organizers below. You can choose from a public tour, a private tour, or even a combination of tours for a full-day island adventure. Choose the tour package that suits you best and book it online today.