Patongong Island in Balabac

Experience the beauty of Patongong Island, a small island shaped like a fruit or a heart in Balabac, Palawan. This tourist destination is included in different island hopping tours in the area, which are often parts of Balabac tour packages. It is located in the vicinity of other beautiful isles and islets, such as Patawan Island. Discover below the best ways to include this destination in your bucket list and start planning your adventures in Balabac online today!

Top Tours And Activities In Patongong Island

Discover The Best Ways To Visit This Popular Tourist Spot In Balabac

To visit this island, you can take an island hopping tour in Balabac. One of the popular way to visit this part of Palawan is through a tour package including accommodation, tours and transportation from Puerto Princesa. Check out the different tour packages offered by local organizers and find the one that suits you best. To get more information, you can also contact the organizers directly on Tikigo, and make sure to tailor your package to your exact needs. With our platform, plan and book the perfect vacations in the best island in the world!