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Talakanen Island

A 2-hour boat ride from Taytay’s port, discover the exquisite beauty of Talakanen Island’s. This 11 hectares island is included in most tour packages with Elephant Island. Among the activities you can have there, let’s list snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving and « coral planting »… which lets you plant coral in domes that have been installed on the seafloor. After a couple of years, you can even come back and see how much the corals you’ve planted have grown.

Whether you’re looking for a place to relax for a day or whether you desperately want to enjoy island life, Talakanen is your island. Across the pier, a clear line separates the corals and the deep blue sea. The turquoise-colored shorelines and clear saltwater gives you a peek of the island’s rich underwater life.

After a sunset dinner by the bonfire, you’ll witness the magnificence of the milky way and its millions of stars, before heading to sleep in local huts specially installed along the sandy shores or on top of limestone cliffs.

Overnight camping tours allow you to stay on Talakanen Island for the night. Instead of heading back to Taytay port after your day tour, you can stay at the resort situated on the island for the night. Regardless the number of guests in one reservation, you will always be the only guests on the island. So, why reserve a room at a five-star hotel when you can own an island for a night with the same price?

Photo credit: Benjamin Gonzales / CTI-Southeash Asia © Creative Commons

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