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Nacpan Beach, El Nido

Nacpan Beach is famous for being the most beautiful beach in El Nido. With its twin sister Calitang Beach, Nacpan Beach offers a spectacular scenery. Stretching over 4 kilometers, it is a paradise for beach goers with its white sand and pristine azure waters.

Located around 45 minutes away from El Nido town, you can get to Nacpan Beach by renting a scooter, taking a tricycle or perhaps more conveniently by boarting a van shuttle. Discover all the options available on Tikigo on this page.

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One of the stunning places around El Nido

By Pedro on November 07, 2019.

Nacpan Beach is quite a place! This 4 kilometers long white sand beach sums up a lot of the beauty of this part of Palawan. It's located around 45 minutes from town, and accessible by motorbike, van, shuttle or tricycle. The only downside is that it became so popular it can be quite crowded, either at day or night and what was once a deserted place now counts many businesses... That being said, it's still worth the sight!

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