Port Barton Tour D

Explore Port Barton Like You Never Did With This Island
Hopping Tour Including Waterfalls Discovery!

Port Barton Tour D
Quick Info About This Tour

Port Barton Tour D

Go on a full day of adventures with Port Barton Tour D. This tour will bring you to beautiful reefs, tropical islands and even to waterfalls!

The Tour D in Port Barton is nicknamed the "Waterfall Life". It is designed to offer you a maximum of diversity in only one full day. On this tour, you will not only discover beautiful reef where you can snorkel, tropical islands and beaches where you can play and relax, but also inland waterfalls where you can swim and chill!

Port Barton Tour D Destinations

This tour will bring you to some of the best tourist spots in Port Barton, Palawan. Some organizers may add slight variations to the typical itinerary, but here is the list of the destinations generally included in this tour.

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