El Nido Tour B

Go On a Journey Of Amazement Filled With Wonders
Of Nature: Sandbar, Caves, Coves And More...

El Nido Tour B
Quick Info About This Tour

El Nido Tour B

Enjoy a day of island hopping in some of the most beautiful spots of El Nido. With Tour B you'll discover wonders of nature such as caves, coves and sandbar. Get ready to be amazed!

Alongside with tours Tour A and Tour C, El Nido Tour B is one of the popular way to discover the Bacuit Bay. On the course of one day, you'll go island hopping in some of the most awesome places in El Nido. From Snake island to Pinagbuyutan, Cathedral Cove and Entalula Beach, this is a journey you'll only experience once in a lifetime.

This tour is available both as public tour (where the boat is shared) or as a private tour (where you're the only ones on your boat). Thanks to the search options below, discover offers for Tour B from local organizers in and start planning your adventures in El Nido! 

El Nido Tour B Destinations

This tour will bring you to some of the best tourist spots in El Nido, Palawan. Some organizers may add slight variations to the typical itinerary, but here is the list of the destinations generally included in this tour.

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