Coron Town Tour

This day tour will bring to a breathtaking exploration
In some of the best tourist destinations in Coron

Coron Town Tour
Quick Info About This Tour

Coron Town Tour

Discover one of the most popular tour in Coron. This town tour will bring you to the most popular landmarks in Coron Town.

Explore the town and discover the people, dialect and culture with the popular Coron Town Tour. On the course of one day, this tour will bring you to major landmarks found in Coron Town. Trek to Mt. Tapyas view deck to see the whole town and bay. This is a very unique way to discover the uniqueness of Coron.

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Photo credit: Max Reyes © Creative Commons

Coron Town Tour Destinations

This tour will bring you to some of the best tourist spots in Coron, Palawan. Some organizers may add slight variations to the typical itinerary, but here is the list of the destinations generally included in this tour.

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